99 PBS-World TV stations will broadcast River of Renewal in 30 states
7/8/2011 3:58:10 PM

Below are screening times for 99 PBS-World stations in 30 states:

8/8/11 8 am, 2pm, 7pm & midnight EST
8/10/11 8 am EST
8/11/11 11 am EST
8/12/11 6 am EST
8/14/11 5 am & 5 pm EST
8/15/11 11 am EST
8/16/11 6 am EST

The cities where River of Renewal will be broadcast include Boston, Cleveland, Philadelphia Pittsburg, St. Louis, Dallas, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Fairbanks. Eight stations in Atlanta will broadcast the film and seven in Mississippi. Near the Klamath Basin there will be showings on KIXE in Chico, California, KEET in Eureka, and KSYS in Medford. 

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